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Immersion Tea Ceremony

Fuji Tea Ceremony

The presenter, Tae Gessner, was born in Aichi. She is a Tea Ceremony instructor in Sydney. Ueda Soko Ryu, Ueda Soko style, is a warrior-class school of tea from Hiroshima, Japan. The Samurai's customs, etiquette and values are woven throughout all aspects of the traditional practice of Chanoyu, which has continued unbroken for over 400 years. She delivers informative and authentic workshops in Japanese/English. It is an excellent immersive cultural experience for your students, and her program is recommended for Japanese and Hospitality. She is also the founder of the International Kimono Club Sydney. Her knowledge of the history, creation and wearing of the Kimono supported many projects in Australia, such as Aboriginal Kimono, the Musical "Madame Butterfly", etc.

Premium Immersive Tea Ceremony

- Incursion <Sydney>

This premium program is a customised incusion program for students and teachers. Learn about the Tea Ceremony and culture of “Omotenashi” (Japanese hospitality). About Kimono Wearing Kimono Photoshoot (student can take photos in Kimono) Preparation for Tea Ceremony (students have different tasks to complete) Tea Ceremony Q&A Time and number of students: Customised. Please contact us. In school Immersion language program OR Hospitality program learning Japanese concepts of Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) can be customised. Please contact us if your school is interested in organising a school incursion.
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Wasabi Kids


Wasabi Kids Japanese Cultural


Japanese Cultural Show presenter, Aiko, is a creative performer with ventriloquism skills. She created the original props including her partner, Taro. Her Wasabi Kids Program was established to provide fun cultural activities all over Australia. It is an excellent opportunity for your students to learn about Japanese culture through her engaging show. Wasabi Kids Programs are suitable for Primary school-aged children. Her current shows are: Four Seasons Show Samurai and Ninja Show 60 minutes per session *The session time can be adjusted between 45 – 60 minutes. The price are set for the total number of students. Please contact us for more details.

Four Seasons Show

(Recommend for F to Year 4) Learn about the beautiful Japanese seasons and culture. Samurai puppet, Taro ventriloquism Learning the song in Japanese (Body parts) Learning about the seasonal events and activities in Japan Action game Origami journal performance Traditional storytelling with handmade paper puppets Traditional Japanese costume dress-ups (Kimono, Yukata, Jinbei) Sakura (cherry blossom) dance with Uchiwa fans Q & A

Samurai and Ninja Show

(Recommend for Year 5 & 6) Learn about the history of Samurai/Ninja and Japanese culture. Samurai puppet, Taro ventriloquism Learning about Samurai and Ninja and their history What is Ninja, and how to throw a ninja star (Shuriken) Ninja experience (Shuriken throwing game) A humorous “Daruma” costume Learning about Samurai and their lifestyle Samurai sword martial art “Kendo” experience True or False Quiz about Ninja & Samurai Q & A Please contact us for more details.

Tyke-Oh Corporate Drumming

& Team Building

EZ Japanese provides Taiko workshops for corporate professional development and team building activities. Taiko is great for: Team building Bringing your team closer Healthy exercise Stress relief Building self-confidence Stimulating your mind Enjoying and learning Japanese art, Taiko Physical coordination Learning Japanese and its culture And it’s FUN!

Tyke-Oh Japanese Drumming

Community Groups

EZ Japanese provides Taiko workshops for communities while we travel your area. Taiko is great for: Enjoying and learning Japanese art, Taiko Healthy exercise Physical coordination Stress relief Team building Building self-confidence Stimulating your mind Learning Japanese and its culture Bringing community closer This can be organised as a part of a local event or after school activity.
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