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Our Q&A is not available on mobile friendly page. If you have more detailed questions, please email or send your enqury form to us.

How to book EZ Japanese programs?

Please send us your enquiry form or email us. We will send the detailed information according to your enquiry.

When are you visiting my area?

Our performers are travelling all over Australia. Their schedule change regularly. If you have particular dates in your mind, please email us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

What is your minimum booking?

Our minimum to make our trip depends on where our performers are. If they have to travel longer, our minimum may change according to our cost of travel. Booking us during the planned tour or organising a Mini Tour (You can book us for a week with other schools in your area) is the best way. Please send your enquiry form.

Can we book it for a community event?

Yes, EZ Japanese can provide programs for Community Events. However, the availability depends on the performers existing bookings. Please contact us early if you are interested in booking us for your event. We start taking bookings a year ahead for schools. It is possible to book schools around your event schedule. Please ask our schedule.

Can we do it outdoors?

It feels like a good idea to drum outside or have a cultural show in an open space. Unfortunately, our programs are for an indoor space only. If you have questions, please feel free to ask us.

Do you come to a special school?

Our presenters could visit special schools. However, some activities might not be safe for your students. Please provide the details so that we can discuss them with you.

Do you do a Corporate Workshop?

Yes, EZ Japanese can run Cooperate Workshop for your company PD. All bookings are subject to availability. Please send us your enquiry form or email us.
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